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Bourns offers a variety of PortNote® solutions and design kits for your convenience. In order to obtain a Bourns® Design Kit please contact your local Bourns sales office or authorized Bourns distributor. Please note: Each PortNote® design kit contains enough Bourns® products to build five of the PortNote® Solution circuits.

If you don’t see a solution that meets your specific needs, please contact us.

CAN-bus - Surge Protection
Ethernet - ESD Protection
Ethernet - Power Contact and Surge Protection
Ethernet - Power over Ethernet (PoE) Surge Protection
Ethernet - Power Over Ethernet (PoE) PD Solution
Ethernet - Power Over Ethernet (PoE) PSE Solution
IEEE 1394B - Firewire / iLink Protection
RS-485 - Serial Port - ESD / EFT / Surge Protection
SATA HDD Interface - Data & Power Protection
USB 2.0 - ESD & Overcurrent Protection
USB 3.0 - ESD & Overcurrent Protection


DisplayPort 1.2 - ESD & Overcurrent Protection
HDMI 1.3 - ESD & Overcurrent Protection
HDMI 1.4 - ESD & Overcurrent Protection
HDMI 2.0 - ESD & Overcurrent Protection
HD-SDI / SDI - Coaxial Port
LVDS - Input Port - Surge Protection
LVDS - Output Port - Surge Protection
Satellite Receiver RF Input - Surge Protection
Thunderbolt™ Port - ESD and OC Protection
VHF/UHF - Coaxial Port - ESD Protection


RJ11 Fax/Modem (FXO)
RJ11 SLIC Protection - GR-1089-CORE Dual Supply Voltage
RJ11 SLIC Protection - ITU-T Dual Supply Voltage
RJ11 SLIC Protection - 4 kV ITU-T Dual Supply Voltage
RJ11 SLIC Protection - GR-1089-CORE Negative Voltage Tracking
RJ11 SLIC Protection - ITU-T Negative Voltage Tracking
RJ11 SLIC Protection - ITU-T Solution for Ports in IP-PBX
T1/E1 - GR-1089-CORE
VDSL - Driver Side Protection
VDSL - Line Side Protection
VDSL - VDSL Over POTS ITU-T & GR-1089-CORE Solution
Vectored VDSL2 - Protection for Class AB Driver with Active Termination


LED PWM Dimmer - PWM / Power
Li-ion Battery Controller Protection - Overcurrent and ESD Protection