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2003 Press Release
Bourns® Integrated Passives & Actives Product Group Introduces New Chip Diode Product Line (CD Series)
New Chip Diode Product Line (CD Series)
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Riverside, Calif, October 29, 2003 — Bourns is pleased to announce the release of the Chip Diode product line. The Chip Diode family offers small signal Switching Diodes, small signal Schottky Barrier Diodes and Schottky Rectifier Diodes. The Chip Diode products are designed to meet the industry demand for smaller electronic components with extremely low power consumption and that maximize device stand-by time.

The small signal switching diodes are available in 0603, 0805, 1005 and 1206 SMD packages with high speed and low leakage options. Small signal Schottky barrier diodes are available in 0603, 0805 and 1005 packages, while the Schottky Rectifier diodes are available in DO-214AC (SMA) and 1607 (mini SMA) packages. Diode rectification currents of 1A, 2A and 3A with a range of reverse voltages are also available.

The Bourns® Chip Diode product range provides distinct advantages:

  • Package Size: The Chip Diodes are LEADLESS, allowing designers to save real estate on PCB layouts. The parts have a lower profile and provide significant height savings.
  • Environmental: All Chip Diode terminations are LEAD FREE and feature Cu/Ni/Au plating. Units meet many worldwide industry and government regulations on lead free components.
  • Manufacturing Friendly: Bourns® Chip Diodes allow the use of industry standard pick & place equipment. The unique Chip Diode package makes it easy to handle and the flat configuration prevents rollaway in production operations.

Product data sheets with detailed specifications may be viewed on the Bourns website. Units are packaged in tape & reel. Products are available from Bourns authorized distributors.

About Bourns

Bourns, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Trimming Potentiometers, Precision Potentiometers, Modular Contacts, Switches, Resistor/Capacitor Networks, and Analog Input Devices, including Panel Controls, and Encoders. Bourns also sells Chip Resistors, Chip Arrays and Inductive Components. Meeting the circuit protection requirements of next-generation products, Bourns' broad circuit protection offering includes an extensive line of PPTC Resettable Fuses, Thyristor Surge Protectors, and Surge Line Protection Modules. Bourns® Communication Protection Product line includes Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT), Telephone Station Protectors, 5-Pin Protectors, Industrial Signal, Irrigation and Petroleum Protectors, CATV Coax Protectors, Signal Data Protectors, and the Indoor and Outdoor POTS Splitters and Network Interface Devices (NID) product lines. Headquartered in Riverside, CA, Bourns serves a broad range of markets, including telecommunications, computer, industrial, instrumentation, automotive, consumer, non-critical life support medical, audio and various other market segments. Bourns® products are manufactured according to ISO-9000 and QS-9000 standards under Six Sigma quality programs. For more information, contact Bourns' corporate headquarters at 1200 Columbia Avenue, Riverside, Calif. 92507. Phone (909) 781-5500; Fax (909) 781-5006; URL: www.bourns.com.

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Annette Keller
Keller Communication
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Mikelyn Bridges
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