IsoMOV™ Hybrid Protectors


The Bourns® fully integrated IsoMOV™ Hybrid Protector combines revolutionary surge performance EdgMOV™ technology with an integrated Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) isolation structure that provides great reliability and extended life, even in certain harsh environments. 

A surge protective device and an award-winning IsoMOV™ protector have a unique end-of-life failure mode that rapidly and cleanly blows the line fuse, never leaving equipment vulnerable and removing the need for any warning circuitry.

The IsoMOV™ protector combines the conventional GDT with MOV in a symbiotic connection, improving reliability and performance. In this setup, the GDT prevents leakage currents via the MOV that would otherwise cause the MOV device to fail prematurely, while the MOV prevents follow-on current (after a surge) that may destroy the GDT.

The IsoMOV™ protector family consists of three distinct sets of devices: model IsoM3, IsoM5, and IsoM8. These groundbreaking new protectors deliver performance often seen in larger classic MOV devices, with nominal surge values of 3 kA, 5 kA, and 8 kA.

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