Power TVS Products


Bourns® Power TVS (PTVS) Products are high current bidirectional TVS diodes designed for use in AC line protection and high power DC bus (e.g. 12 VDC / 48 VDC) clamping applications. These devices offer superior port protection ranging from 15 volts to 470 volts, and are RoHS and UL listed while also meeting IEC 61000-4-5 8/20 μs and 10/350 μs current surge requirements.

  • VWM: 15 ~ 470 volts
  • Ipp: 1 kA, 3 kA, 6 kA, 10 kA, and 15 kA (8/20 μs)
  • Customization requests: link

The use of silicon technology in PTVS offers extreme lower clamping voltage (Vc) under surge compared to material-based MOV technology. Refer to Surface Mount Power TVS Diodes Deliver Optimal Protection for Power Supplies Application Note.

PTVS Product Training Modules
PTVS Technical Library
PTVS Material Information (Soldering Profile, RoHS, MDS, etc)
Conflict Mineral Source Reporting for Diodes, PTVS CFSI_CMRT4-01

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