SMD High Current Shielded Power Inductors with High Frequency and Efficiency

Power Inductors - SMD High Current, Shielded

Bourns® High Current Shielded SMD Power Inductors feature high saturation current.

Bourns® High Current Shielded SMD Power Inductors are designed with carbonyl powder, iron powder, and metal alloy powder cores.

Bourns is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power inductors, particularly SMD high current shielded power inductors. Bourns’ innovative power inductor design utilizes a flat wire within a molded magnetically shielded housing that enables lower DC resistance and slightly higher current ratings compared to traditionally used round wire. The new inductors Bourns® Models SRP4020 and SRP7030F  are ideally suited for use in DC-DC converters for mobile electronic devices and computers, as well as data storage and voltage regulator modules. Other applications that can benefit from Bourns’ advanced power inductor design include servers, portable gaming devices, navigation systems, automotive electronics, low to medium risk medical equipment and more.

SMD power inductors used in the power supply interface and at the CAN transceiver should be shielded surface mount components capable of handling high current. The high current shielded SMD power inductor's shielded housing helps achieve the low EMI levels required in automotive designs. Bourns® SRP family of SMD power inductors combines flat wire technology and a powdered iron core to achieve a compact and efficient package. The flat wire in the high current shielded SMD power inductor exhibits increased conductivity due to maximizing the use of its surface area, thus making it capable of handling high frequency switching.

Current multifunction mobile electronics designs continually demand smaller and thinner DC-DC converter solutions that must meet high current requirements. Bourns® power inductors are designed to satisfy current application needs. For example, the dimensions of Bourns® Model SRP2010 are 2.0 x 1.6 x 1.0 millimeters (mm) and Model SRP2512 measures 2.5 x 2.0 x 1.2 mm making them ideal for a broad range of ultra-thin electronic applications including smartphones, tablets and data storage devices. Bourns' latest SMD high current shielded power inductors offer the advantages of wirewound construction, and are designed with an iron powder core that features high saturation current and shielded construction for low magnetic radiation.

Obsolete Products marked with this symbol are currently available, although not recommended for new designs. 

Mineral Source Reporting for Power Inductors: CFSI_CMRT4-01

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