Mini-Breakers (Miniature Thermal Cu​toff Devices)

Mini-Breakers (Miniature Thermal Cut Off Devices)

Bourns® Mini-Breakers are Thermal Cutoff (TCO) devices which are used as safety devices to help prevent heat and fires caused by excess current, mainly in lithium-ion batteries. Used in batteries for such devices as notebook PCs, tablets, digital cameras, and smartphones.

We have also obtained UL and TÜV safety standard certifications, and employ environmental protection measures all over the world. Our Mini-Breakers are self-preserving devices designed to stay tripped (operated) during abnormal temperatures, and then recover when power is cut and the temperature returns to a safe level. This allows for protection at lower temperatures compared with polymer PTCs and temperature fuses used for the same applications.

Obsolete Products marked with this symbol are currently available, although not recommended for new designs.

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Technology CB Series Breaker
Description Model CB72ABB, CB72A1B, CB77ABB, CB77A1B, CB82ABB, CB82A1B, CB85ABB, CB85A1B
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Please visit the Thermal Cutoff Devices (TCOs) technical library for current publications.

We also offer online product training for Mini-breakers.

You may order one of our Mini-breaker design kits.

Have a look at the Mini-breaker design files (SPICE, 3D, etc.) we have to offer. Choose "Circuit Protection, Mini-Breakers (Miniature Thermal Cutoff Devices)" from the drop down menu.

Conflict Mineral Source Reporting for Mini-breakers:

  • Mini-breakers (HC Series) CMRT
  • Mini-breakers (LC Series) CMRT
  • Mini-breakers (NR Series) CMRT
  • Mini-breakers (AA Series) CMRT
  • Mini-breakers (AC Series) CMRT
  • Mini-breakers (KCA Series) CMRT
  • Mini-breakers (SA Series) CMRT
  • Mini-breakers (SC Series) CMRT
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