Koaxial Überspannungsschutzgeräte und Anhang

Coaxial Surge Protective Devices and Enclosures

Herkunftsbericht für GDT, SPD, MOV :CMRT

Serie Datenblatt Bild Beschreibung Anwendungen Installation Instructions Ingenieurwesen Design Dateien
1740 Series 1740 Series 1740_series_part 75 ohm coaxial F connector SPD DC-1.25 GHz CATV subscriber drops 1740 Series Installation
1965 Series 1965 Series 1965_series_part 50 ohm coaxial SPD DC-1 GHz VHF/UHF transmitters 2-way base station receive only systems 1965 Series Installation
1977 Series 1977 Series 1977_part High frequency F/N type coaxial SPD DC-4 GHz Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA), antenna systems, GPS antennas, WiFi 1977 Series Installation
7004C 7004C 7004c_part 1740 coaxial SPD & station protector in weatherproof enclosure Protected interface, coaxial and POTS
7041 7041_part 1740 coaxial SPD & station protector in weatherproof enclosure Protected enclosure, coaxial and POTS
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