Automotive Competencies

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  • Ceramics
  • Carbon, cermet resistor and capacitor inks
  • Conductive polymer resistors
  • Epoxy materials
  • Polymeric PTC materials
  • Silicon-based thin film resistors, capacitors, diodes
  • Silicon technologies


  • Equipment processes
  • Coating/printing
  • Assembly & electronic assembly
  • Mounting
  • Plastics molding
    (standard, insert, reel to reel)
  • Screen printing
  • Ceramic molding
  • Stamping
  • Plating
  • Machining
  • Testing
  • Contract manufacturing
  • In-house sample and tool shop
  • Worldwide production facilities


  • High volume manufacturing
  • Automated micro-mechanical assembly and test
  • Custom packaged electronic circuits
  • Precision transfer injection molding
  • High volume, large area precision thick film printing
  • Chip & wire (COB)
  • Flip chip


  • Delivery of components, modules and/or systems
  • Standard products
  • Customized products
  • Consulting
    (optimum combination of resistor carrier, coating technology, wiper system)
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