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To safeguard workers and sensitive communications equipment from dangerous electrical surges, the global telecommunications industry has come to depend on Bourns® surge protection, connection, and demarcation devices. At Bourns, we provide a comprehensive, integrated range of surge protection and connection solutions for telco central office, outside plant, and customer premises.

Bourns' array of protectors, connection items, NIDs, and POTS splitters work together to give an integrated solution to the telecom industry. Quality is integrated into all areas of the production process. The patented Multi-Stage Protector (MSP®) devices are available in 5-pin, station protector footprints, Integrated Protection Assembly (IPA) series, and the Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) series of station protectors, all of which make NID installation essentially tool-free.

With a wide range of plug-in modules (protected or continuity only) your specific requirements are fulfilled. The protection modules are offered in solid-state, gas discharge tube, and hybrid technologies in overvoltage protection or overvoltage with sneak-current protection.

Providing superior protection for voice, data and network lines, Bourns® products are designed to safeguard sensitive telecommunications equipment from damaging electrical surges or other detrimental power events. Bourns® products offer integrated solutions and a modular design giving our customers the flexibility to add products as necessary. Bourns quality is engineered into all aspects of the development and manufacturing process; we offer reliable products and solutions for our customer's applications.

Please refer to the Bourns® Outside Plant Products Overview Guide Guide (PDF, 2.4MB) for further information.