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Bourns® PTC Resettable Fuses provide resettable overcurrent protection, while Bourns® SinglFuse™ SMD Fuses provide single-action fusing protection. Some applications require a physical break in the circuit if a short circuit arises, without the circuit resetting and continuing to operate. In such cases, a SinglFuse™ SMD Fuse can be used. In applications where the circuit is to be protected from an overcurrent event and then continue operating after the event has passed and power has been cycled, a PTC Resettable Fuse can be used.

Bourns® POWrFuse™ High-Power Fuses are industrial fuse links designed to UL 248, IEC 60269 and ISO 8820 standards in order to withstand extreme ambient temperatures, high-cycling and low- level fault current conditions. POWrFuseTM High-Power Fuses are rated at extremely high interrupting currents, providing reliable overcurrent and short-circuit protection, and are housed in various mounting configurations to accommodate customers’ design requirements. These products are targeted at applications including but not limited to EV/HEV, battery management systems, power supplies, DC-DC converters, telecom systems, photovoltaic power systems, industrial controllers and charging stations. Along with Bourns® overvoltage protection products such as SPDs, PTVS Diodes, High Energy MOVs and High Current GDTs, the complete circuit protection solution can be installed.