Bourns® Shielded SMD Power Inductor is used at the power supply and perform DC-DC conversion.

Power Inductors - SMD Shielded

Bourns® Shielded SMD Power Inductor has low footprint and a wide range of inductance.

Bourns® best-selling shielded SMD power inductors are manufactured with a shielded housing designed to achieve the low EMI levels required of automotive design and as a power supply for portable communication equipment. All models are RoHS compliant, with AEC-Q200 compliancy available on some series. Bourns® SRP family of power inductors combines flat wire technology and a powdered iron core to achieve a compact and efficient package for DC-DC converter applications. Bourns® Model SRR and SRU shielded SMD power inductors are ideal for smart meter power circuits since they can handle high current and control Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Shielded SMD Power Inductors are the better choice when microcontrollers or high frequency components are used in neighboring circuits or within the board assembly itself.

Mineral Source Reporting for Power Inductors: CFSI_CMRT4-01

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