Bourns’ expertise in technology integration, assembly processes, IC packaging technology and product launch control can result in faster time to market. Knowledgeable Bourns engineers provide a valuable, cost-effective resource across multiple environments and a broad range of applications that helps ensure enhanced functionality and compatibility from the design stage through manufacturing.

Please have a look at the capabilities of our Texas facility.


Core Benefits

  • Engineering design, layout, process development and test support
  • PCBA SMD on all substrates
  • Thick film made in-house
  • Chip-on-Board, chip & wire
  • BGA, flip chip, stud bumping
  • Custom lead frames
  • ICT & functional test
  • Coatings and lid seals
  • AOI & X-ray inspection
  • Extensive analytical lab capability
  • Evaluation and environmental testing

Packages Available

  • Single in line
  • Dual in line
  • COB interposer
  • BGA
  • System in package
  • Custom


  • High density thick film
  • RF substrate materials
  • Chip & wire
  • Flip chip
  • Stud bump bonding
  • RF packaging
  • Fine pitch SMT

Device Mounting Technology

  • Surface Mount
  • Cob (Chip on Board)
  • Flip Chip Mounting
  • Anisotropic Adhesive Attachment (Z-Axis Conductive Epoxy)
  • Stud Bump Bonding
  • Thermal-Sonic Bonding (Gold-to-Gold Interconnect)
  • Solder Mounting
  • Wire Bonding
  • Glob Top, Dam & Fill, Lid Sealing, Seam Sealing
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