Avnet and Bourns Mark 45-year Milestone

Phoenix, Arizona, August 31, 2010

– As the developer of the first trimming potentiometer and founder of Bourns, Inc., Marlan Bourns embodies the spirit of innovation. As America celebrates National Inventor&;#39;s Month this month, Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas and Bourns, Inc. honor Marlan as well as celebrating their 45-year distribution alliance.

Since its inception, Bourns has been a company focused on creating solutions for tomorrow&;#39;s technology. In 1965, Hamilton Electro Sales – now Avnet, Inc. (NYSE:AVT) and Bourns formalized one of the first franchised supplier agreements in electronics history, setting in motion one of the industry&;#39;s most resilient supply and design chain alliances. Despite the mergers that transformed Hamilton&;#39;s semiconductor division into the Avnet Electronics Marketing operating group, Avnet and Bourns continue to work together to provide a consistent stream of innovative technology to customers in the telecommunications, computer, instrumentation, medical and automotive sectors.

&;quot;Avnet helped to introduce Bourns&;#39; pioneering Trimpot® trimming potentiometer products, and was instrumental in gaining initial print positions to a broad customer base,&;quot; said Dennis Lause, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Bourns. &;quot;Throughout our long history, we have initiated numerous successful programs together that have resulted in significant growth for both companies.&;quot;

Today, Bourns has greatly expanded the scale and scope of their products. Recently, Bourns&;#39; Model 3046 Linear Motion Potentiometer was used in the Mini Power Tool on a mission to repair the Hubble Telescope in outer space. &;quot;Bourns has an impressive history of innovation and the ability to provide cutting-edge solutions to our customers,&;quot; said Ed Smith, president of Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas. &;quot;Avnet and Bourns have been able to face 45 years of change within our industry and with our strong relationship I look forward to the next 45 years.&;quot;

Visit the Avnet Electronics Marketing website for pricing information, datasheets and design opportunities using Bourns&;#39; complete line of products.

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