Product Activity Summary - June 2024

New Product Releases
Bourns Announces the Release of the Model SSD Shunt Sensor - Digital Series - 100 Amps with CANbus or RS-485/MODBUS Interface
Bourns Releases New Design Kit for High-Speed Ethernet Lines with PoE++ Capabilities - Model POE-LAB1 Design Kit
Bourns Releases New AEC-Q200 Compliant, Automotive Grade Chip Inductor - Model CWP3230A Series
Bourns Releases AEC-Q200 Compliant, Automotive Grade High Creepage/Clearance Distance Isolation Power Transformers - Model HCT8xxxxEAL Series

Product Change Notifications
Bourns® Model SDE1006A Series SMD Power Inductors - Manufacturing Process and Carrier Tape Design Changes
Bourns® Model CC453232, CM322522, CM453232, PM1210 & PM1812 Series Chip Inductors - Manufacturing Site Relocation
Bourns® Model SDE0805A Series SMD Power Inductors - Process Automation
Bourns® Model SRN4018 Series Semi-shielded Power Inductors - Process Changes
Bourns® Model SM13117EL PoE Flyback Transformer - Marking Process Change
Bourns® Model SRR1205, SRR1206 and SRR1208 Series Shielded High Power Inductors - Manufacturing Site Relocation and Process Changes
Bourns® Model SRF1260A and SRF1280A Series Dual-Winding Shielded Power Inductors - Gluing Process Changes
Bourns® Model 3223 Series 3 mm SMD Trimpot® Trimming Potentiometer - Plastic Housing Material Improvement

Product Obsolescence Memos
Select Bourns® EN Series Rotary Optical Encoders to be Discontinued
MF-BATTERYLAB, MF-DATAPORTLAB, MF-FREEX and MF-TELECOMLAB PPTC Resettable Fuse Design Kits to be Discontinued

Bourns® Automotive Component Selection Guide

New Product Brief
Bourns® Model HCT8xxxEAL High Clearance/Creepage Transformer

White Paper
Modeling of High Power Inductors Based on Solid Flat Wires for Compact DC-DC Converters

Training Modules
Bourns® Magnetics Overview