Bourns Announces Audio/Video Potentiometer and Encoder Enhancements at 2010 AES Convention

Riverside, Calif., October 26, 2010 - Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, today announced additional enhancements to the company’s industry-leading professional audio/video potentiometers and encoders. The new products designated Bourns® Models PRS11S, PEC11L and PEC09 are designed for audio, broadcast and video mixing consoles, and peripheral equipment such as pre-amplifiers and sound processors. The Bourns® Model PRS11S is a surface mount potentiometer in an 11 mm square package that simplifies production board assembly by eliminating the need for wave or hand soldering. The Bourns® Model PEC11L is an 11 mm low-profile incremental encoder with a long rotational life. The Bourns® Model PEC09 is a super compact, 9 mm encoder with a robust design. All three enhanced products will be displayed and demonstrated at the 2010 AES Convention, November 4-7, 2010, in Bourns’ booth #1028 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California.

“Bourns announcement of an additional potentiometer and two new encoders designed specifically for audio, broadcast and video mixing equipment demonstrates our continuing innovation and commitment to our valued customers in the professional audio/video industry,” said Chuck Manzano, product marketing manager in Bourns’ resistive products division. “The trend in mixing console products is to incorporate space-saving components with multiple functions and all three models address these needs, while also ensuring a robust and reliable design.”

The Bourns® Model PRS11S surface mount potentiometer simplifies production board assembly by eliminating the need for wave or hand soldering after surface mount products have been mounted on a PC board. This new potentiometer is an optimal choice for compact mixing boards where all components are mounted on a single PC board. The Bourns® Model PEC11L low-profile contacting encoder with a momentary push switch option provides 100,000 cycles of rotational life in a small, robust package that offers a wide operating temperature range, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Bourns® Model PEC09 contacting encoder also features a momentary push switch option and delivers additional space savings for portable mixing consoles and peripheral equipment.

As a pricing reference, the Model PRS11S is priced at $1.41-1.53 in 5,000 piece quantities. The Model PEC11L is priced at $0.81-0.85 in 5,000 piece quantities and the Model PEC09 is priced at $0.93-1.52 in 5,000 piece quantities. Samples and production quantities of all three models are available now.


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