Bourns赋予TTI 为2014年美洲年度最佳经销商

河边市, 加州, Jun 3, 2015

- Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, today announced that it has named TTI, Inc. as the company's 2014 Distributor of the Year for the Americas. TTI was recognized by Bourns as its top performing distribution channel partner due to its strong revenue growth and enhanced customer engagements for the 2014 fiscal year. Bourns also selected Mouser as its e-Commerce Distributor of the Year in the Americas by virtue of its exceptional online sales growth in 2014.

Bourns has been honoring its leading distribution partners since 2004. The Bourns Distributor of the Year and e-Commerce Distributor of the Year for the Americas awards were presented during an event at the 2015 Electronics Distribution Show and Conference (EDS) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"We are pleased to acknowledge TTI for the growth achieved with Bourns last year. Their close, strategic collaboration with Bourns' field representatives enhances the customer experience and mutual profitability," said Kelly Vogt, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Bourns. "The outstanding e-commerce revenue growth Mouser attained is a testament to their strategic investments in online coverage to support this expanding channel. The accomplishments of TTI and Mouser showcase why Bourns highly values our distribution partner relationships, and we look forward to continued success with both companies this year and beyond," said Vogt.

"TTI is honored to be named as Bourns' top distributor for 2014. We take great pride in our 30-year partnership with Bourns -- one of our longest engagements," said Mike Morton, President of Global Sales and Marketing at TTI. "Bourns is an ideal supplier partner that delivers innovative products while providing excellent technical support. Their commitment to maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship allows TTI to meet an evolving and dynamic variety of market application requirements. On behalf of all TTI employees, I want to express our deepest appreciation for this recognition."

"Mouser has been a Bourns distributor for 15 years. Recognition of Mouser's revenue growth and superior customer engagements highlights not only our team's achievements, but the strength of Bourns among our Americas customers," said Glenn Smith, CEO and President at Mouser.


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