特殊定制 - 功率变压器工作表

There is growing demand for customized high frequency magnetics designs that can help OEMs meet new application-specific feature requirements. Bourns’ proven strategy to deliver the most successful custom magnetics is to supply both the software, including the magnetics design and FEA, as well as the hardware with prototyping tools from a single Bourns power electronics laboratory. Applying the company’s extensive engineering experience, this approach helps fast-track converter prototype design and configuration.

To meet your custom power transformer needs for High Frequency Power Converters and EMI Filters such as AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC of any topology including buck, boost (Power Factor Correction), SEPIC, CUK, Half and Full Bridge LLC, Push Pull, Forward and Flyback, trust Bourns for:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • IATF-certified manufacturing
  • Local technical support
  • Compliance with industry quality standards

We invite you to fill out the following worksheet so our engineers can best support your custom power transformer needs.

General Information

The information requested in this worksheet will enable Bourns to perform an initial review of the product requirement so that the correct resources may be selected. Bourns will likely request further information before a quotation and/or sample(s) can be provided. This request may be made through Bourns’ internal sales, a Bourns representative or an authorized distributor, depending on the market area.

Please allow up to 5 days for a response before contacting your local representative.

Bourns reserves the right to select opportunities for products that are within our skillset and address a suitable market size.

Please fill out as much as possible.


Market Segment

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Product Information

(i.e., Through-hole, SMD, Common Mode, Isolation Transformer, Line Matching Transformer, etc.)


(i.e., Inductor used for DC/DC, power supplies, line filters; or Transformer is to be used for CEPT (2048 mbps); or Line switching interface, etc.)



Bourns as a Supplier

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Power Transformer Specifications


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Electrical Characteristics

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(V / A)
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(V / A)
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(Vµs (min.))
(pF max.)
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Please select the mounting type

Standard, Stocked Options
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Surface Mount Assemblies

Through-hole Assemblies

Safety Requirements





Environmental Requirements

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Mechanical Requirements

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Please upload schematics, drawings, or any relevant file to help explain the request.

Thank you for completing the Custom Specials - Power Transformer Worksheet. Please contact a Bourns Field Applications Engineer for further assistance.