Product Activity Summary - January 2024

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New Product Releases
Bourns Multifuse Product Line Announces New High Temperature PPTC Resettable Fuses Model MF-RHS Series
Bourns Introduces EdgMOV™ Disc Varistors - Breakthrough Surge Protection Performance in a Space-Saving Design
Bourns Adds New Compact Size High Current Shielded Power Inductor - Model SRP3212-1R0MR21
Bourns Releases High Current Common Mode Chokes - Model SRF3225TP Series
Bourns Releases New Planar Transformers - Model PLR Series
Bourns Releases New AEC-Q200 Compliant, Automotive Grade Next-Generation BMS Signal Transformer - Model SM91806AL
Bourns Releases New Multilayered Varistors - Model BVR Series
Bourns Releases New AEC-Q200 Compliant, Automotive Grade Shielded Power Inductors - Model SRR0735HA & SRR0745HA Series
Bourns Resistor Product Line Announces CRF Series High Power Metal Strip Jumper

Product Change Notifications
Bourns® Model 70AB/Male Modular Contact - Spring Material Thickness Change

Product Obsolescence Memos
Select Bourns® Nickel NiZn Ferrites & Inductors to be Discontinued
Select Bourns® Shielded Power Inductors to be Discontinued - Model SRP0312, SRP0315, SRP0320, SRP0412, SRP0415, SRP0420, SRP0512, SRP0515, SRP0520, SRP0612, SRP0615 & SRP0620 Series

New Product Briefs
Bourns® Model BVR Series Multilayered Varistors
Bourns® Model SM91806AL Automotive Grade Signal Transformer
Bourns® EdgMOV
Bourns® Model MF-RHS Series Multifuse® High Temperature Polymer PTC Resettable Fuses

Bourns® Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky Barrier Diodes - BSD Series
Bourns® Automotive Component Selection Guide
Bourns® Varistor Components

Product Guide
Bourns® MOV, MLV and Hybrid Component
Multifuse® Product Overview

Cross Reference Guide
Bourns® EdgMOV
Multifuse® PPTC Resettable Fuses

White Papers
How a New Varistor Design Improves Circuit Protection Performance and Saves Space
Bourns® Tips on Selecting the Right MOV Surge Suppressor
Specifying Bourns Surge Protection Components for UL/IEC62368-1 Compliance

Selection Guide
Overvoltage Protection Components for AC Power Lines

Product Selection Worksheet
Multifuse® PPTC Resettable Fuses

Product Training
1220 Series TPMOV Surge Protective Device
2510 & 2520 Series Data & Signal Surge Protective Device
EdgMOV™ Disc Varistors