Protecting Today's Denser Higher Capacity Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Advances in technology have enabled larger, denser Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery cells and made lower power consumption components possible. Many Li-Ion-based electronics have realized the benefits of a reduced battery pack cell count that ultimately cuts application costs. But there has not been a miniature resettable thermal cutoff (TCO) solution capable of protecting these higher capacity Li-Ion batteries – until now.

The new Bourns® AA Series gives designers breakthrough miniature, resettable thermal cutoff technology capable of carrying 14 A at 60 °C. The AA Series offers as much as 37 % more current capacity compared to previously available miniature resettable TCOs from Bourns. The AA Series also delivers the lowest impedance/resistance (2 mΩ max.) – a full 60 % lower than earlier generation Bourns® miniature resettable TCOs. And what formerly took two TCOs to provide ample higher capacity protection, now with Bourns' innovative TCO design and high precision metal press process, a single AA Series device can meet protection requirements in many of the latest applications.

With the AA Series, get the unique advantages of:

  • Improved protection – 14 A at 60 ° C, 37 % higher current capacity
  • Space savings – innovative TCO design combined with high precision metal press process
  • Lower costs – a single AA Series miniature resettable TCO meets requirements for many applications
Find out more about how to capture these benefits for your designs:

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