Geräte für den Überspannungsschutz von Signal- und Datenübertragung

Signal and Data Line Surge Protective Devices

Herkunftsbericht für GDT, SPD, MOV :CMRT

Obsolete Mit diesem Symbol gekennzeichnete Produkte sind verfügbar, werden jedoch nicht für Neuentwicklungen empfohlen.

Serie Datenblatt Bild Beschreibung Anwendungen Installation Instructions Ingenieurwesen Design Dateien
1500 Series 1500 Series 1500_part High speed data line SPD for indoor/controlled environments Gigabit Ethernet (unpowered) 1500 Series Installation
1530 Series 1530 Series 1530-1_part Power over Ethernet Surge Protector Gigabit Ethernet (powered) 1530 Series Installation
1540 Series 1540 Series 1540_part Power over Ethernet (PoE) SPD for outdoor environments Gigabit Ethernet (powered) 1540 Install
1669 Series 1669 Series 1600_series_part Weatherproof/harsh environment SPD 4-20 mA control loops 1669 Series Installation
1675-01 1675-01 1675-01_part Railway SPD w/Visual Indicators Protection of Railway Signals and Track Circuits 1675-01 Installation
1800 Series 1800 Series 1800_series_part General purpose DIN rail SPD for indoor/controlled environment applications 4-20 mA control loops, RS-232, RS-422, RS-423, RS-485 1800 Series Installation
1830 Series 1830 Series 1830_series_part DIN rail SPD for indoor/controlled environment applications T1/E1 dataline 1830 Series Installation
1830A Series 1830A Series 1830a_series_part T1/E1 kit T1/E1 dataline Downloads
1840 Series 1840 Series 1840_part Enhanced performance design DIN rail SPD for indoor/controlled environment applications RS-232, RS-422, RS-423, RS-485 and with 4-20 mA and 50 mA instrumentation loops 1840 Series Installation
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