GMOV™ Components


Bourns created its revolutionary GMOV™ hybrid overvoltage surge protection components to outperform typical MOV components in terms of performance and reliability.

The innovative GMOV™ component combines a Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) and a Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) with our patented space-saving FLAT® space-saving technology. This hybrid device has a compact form and may be used in place of a normal 14 or 20 mm MOV.

Bourns® GMOV™ hybrid overvoltage protectors are suitable for use in all major market segments, including industrial, consumer, medical (low/medium risk)*, and communications. Surge Protective Devices (SPDs), surge strips, white goods, chargers, solar power, medical electronics (low/medium risk)*, and data line over power applications are some of the applications for GMOV™ components. In general, a GMOV™ component for overvoltage protection may be used in practically any application that is driven by AC or DC.

The GMOV™ hybrid overvoltage protector system has been tested, assessed, and shown to be effective against a wide range of hazards seen in the field.

GMOV™ Components Technical Library

*Bourns®products have not been designed for and are not intended for use in "lifesaving," "life-critical" or "life-sustaining" applications nor any other applications where failure or malfunction of the Bourns® product may result in personal injury or death. See Legal Disclaimer Notice

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Series Datasheet Product Photo Device Symbol Max. Continuous Voltage (Vrms) Max. Continuous Voltage (Vdc) Imax 8/20 µs Size UL File No. MDS Design Files Engineering Buy Now
GMOV14D GMOV14D gmov_part gmov_electrical_symbol 45–320 56–415 6 KA 14 mm E313168 GMOV14D
Downloads Buy
GMOV20D GMOV20D gmov_part gmov_electrical_symbol 45–320 56–415 10 KA 20 mm E313168 GMOV20D
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