TCS™ High-Speed Protectors (HSPs)

TCS™ High-Speed Protectors (HSPs)
Bourns® TCS™ High-Speed Protectors (HSPs) are over-current protection devices and typically used in conjunction with low capacitance TVS devices to form an extremely low let-through energy barrier to excessive voltages or currents during surge events which may damage high-speed, low voltage driver and receiver components. By limiting the maximum current to a safe level, a Bourns® TCS™ High-Speed Protector offers superior protection for very high data rate differential lines against faults caused by short circuits, induction and lightning surges.

Bourns® TCS-DL Series is a dual, well matched, low resistance, bidirectional and high-speed Transient Current Suppressor device, assisting to pass GR-1089, ITU-T K.20/45/21 standards in high-speed interfaces like xDSL and Ethernet.
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Series Data Sheet Photo Repetitive Peak Off-State Voltage Symbol: VDRM / unit: V Typical Current Required for the Device to Go from Operating State to Protected State (IIMP) Typical Series Resistance of the Device (RON) Resistance Matching Between Side A and Side B (RMATCH) RoHS Compliant Design Files Engineering Buy Now
TCS-DL004-250-WH TCS-DL004-250-WH TCS-DL250_part 40 V 375 mA 2.3 ohms ±0.05 ohms TCS-DL004-250-WH Downloads Buy
TCS-DL004-500-WH TCS-DL004-500-WH TCS-DL500_part 40 V 750 mA 1.4 ohms ±0.03 ohms TCS-DL004-500-WH Downloads Buy
TCS-DL004-750-WH TCS-DL004-750-WH TCS-DL750_part 40 V 1100 mA 1.0 ohm ±0.02 ohms TCS-DL004-750-WH Downloads Buy
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