Custom Special - Inductor and CMC Worksheet

General Information

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Market Segment

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Product Information

(i.e., Through-hole, SMD, Common Mode, Isolation Transformer, Line Matching Transformer, etc.)
(i.e., Inductor used for DC/DC, power supplies, line filters; or Transformer is to be used for CEPT (2048 mbps); or Line switching interface, etc.)


Bourns as a Supplier

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Inductor Specifications

(µH or mH)
(Ω max.)
(A, µH at Rated DC Current)
(Hz to Hz)
(__at Frequency of __Hz)
(VDC or Vrms)
(MΩ @ 100 VDC)


Polarity and Schematic Layout Diagram

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Environmental Requirements



Mechanical Requirements

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File Upload
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Thank you for completing the Custom Specials - Power Transformer Worksheet. Please contact a Bourns Field Applications Engineer for further assistance.

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