J.W. Miller® SMD Products

Bourns, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has acquired substantially all of the assets of the J.W. Miller Magnetics Division of Bell Industries, Inc. from Bell. Founded in 1924, J.W. Miller® Magnetics is a well-known supplier of custom and standard magnetic components with capabilities to meet short run or high volume production requirements. Products include a complete line of high-quality coils, chokes, inductors and transformers in both surface mount and through-hole configurations.

ObsoleteProducts marked with this symbol are currently available, although not recommended for new designs.

Mineral Source Reporting for J.W. Miller Magnetic Products: CMRT

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Common Mode Chokes
Product   MDS

Product   MDS

Power Inductors (Unshielded)
Product   MDS
PM105 PM105
PM32 PM32
PM3316 PM3316S
PM3340  PM3340
PM43 PM43
PM5022 PM5022S
PM5022H PM5022H
PM54 PM54
PM75 PM75

High Current Toroid Inductors
Product   MDS

Multi 6 Pack
Product   MDS
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