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Power Inductors - Through-Hole

Through Hole Power Inductors with High Currents and High Quality for DC-DC

Bourns offers through-hole inductor models featuring high currents up to 10 A. The Bourns® Model PT121 Series is a radial high Q through-hole inductor offering benefits such as low cost, high quality and excellent temperature stability. The Bourns® Model RLB Series radial lead through-hole inductor is available in E12 series for DC-DC converters and the Bourns® RLB0913 Series radial lead through-hole inductor can be used in output chokes and EMI/RFI filters. The Bourns® LPA Series is an axial lead power inductor that is designed for currents up to 5 A. Typical applications include DC-DC converters, power supplies and general use. The Bourns® FSR1013 Series is a high Q level radial lead shielded inductor that able to handle high inductances up to 47 mH. The Bourns® LPV Series is a radial lead power inductor that can handle current up to 10 A and is well-suited for DC-DC converter and power supply applications. All models, FSR1013, LPA and LPV Series, are RoHS compliant (RoHS Directive 2015/863, Mar 31, 2015 and Annex).

Power inductors are an essential component in the voltage regulator topology. Virtually every circuit that regulates power in automobiles, electronics and DC-DC converters requires an inductor. Bourns® Through-Hole Power Inductors have low footprints and are constructed to handle a wide range of currents. Bourns® best-selling through-hole inductors are manufactured with shielded housing designed to compensate for a large spectrum of  inductances required for power supplies and general use electronics.

Bourns is a professional manufacturer for cost effective, compliant, power inductors for DC-DC converters and other electronic applications. Our power inductors are essential solutions for reducing core losses in applications where voltage conversion is necessary. As a through-hole power inductor manufacturer, Bourns produces a complete line of power inductors including power supply inductors, SMD power inductors, high current inductors, high power inductors, surface mount inductors, and other circuitry requiring power inductors. Bourns, Inc. power inductors feature a wide inductance range, low DC resistance, and the high current values required for industrial applications.

Mineral Source Reporting for Power Inductors: CFSI_CMRT4-01

Not Recommended Products marked with this symbol are currently available, although not recommended for new designs. 

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Series Data Sheet Photo Shielded Inductance Range Current Range MDS Design Files Engineering Buy Now
FSR1013 FSR1013 fsr Yes 1 - 47 mH 22 - 150 mA FSR1013 (102-392, 123-473)
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LPA LPA lpa 10 - 1000 µH .2 - 3.5 A LPA0618-501KL
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LPV LPV lpv 10 - 2000 µH .7 - 10 A LPV: 1620
LPV: 1823
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PT12133SL PT12133SL pt121_part 8.2 mH 50 mA PT121
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RLB RLB rl .001 - 100 mH .14 - 5.6 A RLB: 0603
RLB: 0712
RLB: 0812
RLB: 0912
RLB: 0914
RLB: 1014
RLB: 1314
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RLB0913 RLB0913 RLB0913_part No 1 - 100,000 µH .04 - 7.45 A RLB0913 MDS
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RLB1112V4 RLB1112V4 RLB1112V4_part No 1 - 4.7 mH .24 - 0.51 A RLB1112V4
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RLB9012 RLB9012 rl .001 - 47 mH .08 - 10.0 A RLB9012
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