Slide Potentiometers

Slide Potentiometers
Panel controls are designed for applications that typically require frequent adjustment. Both rotary and slide panel control types are available. A selection of elements includes carbon, cermet, and conductive plastic. These devices are available in various sizes and shaft/bushing combinations. Some models are available with a rotary switch and seal options. Typical applications include audio mixing consoles, test and measurement equipment, consumer electronics, and medical equipment.

Turns-counting dials are designed for use with precision rotary potentiometers or other types of panel controls where a turns-indicating device or an adjustment setting/locking device is needed. These devices are available to fit various shaft sizes in digital or concentric scale (analog) readout options. Typical applications include power supplies, oscilloscopes, medical equipment, and industrial automation equipment.

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Mineral Source Reporting for Sensors, Panel Controls, Encoders, Precision Potentiometerss, Dials: CMRT

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Series PTL
Data Sheet PTL
Photo ptl_part
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Length of Travel 20-100 mm
Shape Linear Slide
Detents x
Lever Insulated with LED
Element Carbon
Terminal PC Pins
Taper-Linear x
Taper-CW Audio x
Taper-CCW Audio x
Resistance Range Minimum Ohm 1K
Resistance Range Maximum Ohm 1M
Power-Linear 0.05 watts (Power rating varies by stroke length)
Power-Audio 0.025 watts (Power rating varies by stroke length)
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