Industries Served

Automotive Electronics

Many of the world's leading manufacturers know Bourns as a company they can trust. With components and integrated solutions for many automotive applications, Bourns satisfies.

Bourns understands that automotive manufacturers need complete solutions. Our component offering is exceptionally broad-based, including sensors, overcurrent protection devices, controls, and discrete components. Our vertical integration, production capacity and technical know-how give us the ability to adapt quickly to custom requirements while achieving an optimum blend of price, quality, and delivery. We can reduce your time to market. From simple substrates to complex assemblies, Bourns can do it all.

Test & Measurement

Whether you design oscilloscopes, multimeters, calibration instruments, hardness testers or leak detectors, we have a product you can use. Test and measurement design engineers specify Bourns because of our industry experience and ability to design and manufacture high-quality electronic components for unique applications.

Through our development of numerous technologies, we have helped to improve the accuracy and reliability of calibrations, data acquisition, logic and waveform analysis, and signal measurement equipment.

A complete selection of components for use in your application is available. Because Bourns is one of the world's most vertically integrated suppliers, we are capable of providing products and assemblies to meet your specific needs.

Industrial Automation

While there are many Bourns® components in ​industrial ​automation & Control products, our Sensors and Controls products are used in a variety of state-of-the-art industrial automation and control equipment.

We offer high volume commercial panel controls, precision potentiometers, trimming potentiometers and networks, as well as custom capabilities for numerous one-of-a-kind applications.

Medical Electronics

Bourns® products have the quality and reliability to be used in applications critical to the diagnosis of patients throughout the world.

Bourns® products have been specified in Medical Analyzers, Blood Pressure Testers, Blood Sugar Monitors, Heart Monitors, Biopotential Analyzers, Pacemaker Analyzers, ECG Transmitter/Receiver Units, Gas Analyzers, Blood Analyzers, ENT Diagnostic Instruments, ECG Arrhythmia Interpretation Computers, and Gas Chromatographs, to name a few. Bourns® products have not been specifically designed or tested for critical life support applications and their use in such applications is not recommended or supported.

Consumer Equipment

Bourns® consumer electronic components are designed to meet the needs of today's consumer product design engineer. High volume manufacturing processes, coupled with consistent quality and durability, make Bourns® consumer products ideal for consumer applications. Our products allow the manufacturer to add extra value without adding extra cost to the end product.

Bourns® Consumer product line consists of trimming potentiometers, panel controls, chip resistors, chip arrays, rotary potentiometers, slide potentiometers and switches. These products are well suited for a variety of consumer products, such as smoke alarms, power tools, garage door openers, stereos, radios, and TV game units.

Computers & Peripherals

Bourns continues to be a major supplier of electronic components to the ​computer and ​peripherals market. We maintain a team approach to creating innovative solutions for customers on a global basis.

From a single resistor network to USB port overcurrent protection, Bourns® products are being designed-in by industry leaders in numerous key applications, such as power supplies and laptops.


Bourns has worked hard to meet the growing needs of telecommunication equipment manufacturers by developing specific products for this industry. We continue to study the applications of electronic components in communications equipment, portable radios, cellular phones and telecommunication transmission equipment.

Bourns understands the need for reliability and function, and how they are key to the end products' overall success. The telecommunication equipment applications for Bourns' new generation of products include global positioning systems, modems, portable phones and telecommunications switching devices.

Miniature panel controls from Bourns are used to adjust telecommunication light sources, volumes, frequencies and many other variable functions. The smallest trimming potentiometers in the industry are being used in many portable telecommunications applications.

Bourns also makes a complete line of encoders, dials, resistors networks, switches and modular contacts ideally suited to portable telecommunications devices. Bourns circuit protection line, including TISP® over voltage protectors, Multifuse® PPTC Resettable Fuses, Gas Discharge Tubes and Line Feed Resistors provide a complete solution to our customer's telecommunications needs.

Portable Electronics

To address the need of portable electronics manufacturers to make their products increasingly smaller and more reliable, Bourns offers the most extensive line of small, sealed, and surface-mount components in our industry.

Incorporating Bourns technologies into many new and existing products, we have design wins in many applications including key switches in cellular keypads, miniature panel controls in handheld radio transmitters, and Multifuse® PPTC resettable fuses in personal data assistants.