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ComputersCircuit protection in desktop, laptop, notebook computers and peripheral devices is growing increasingly complex and important. Overcurrent protection applications for Multifuse® Resettable Fuses include:
  • Hard Disk Drives
  • Keyboard and Mouse Ports
  • SCSI Interface Ports
  • SCSI Adapter Cards
  • Audio and Video Cards
  • Ethernet and Token Ring LAN Ports and Adapter Cards
  • Cooling Fan Motors
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB)

Because computers have grown more modular, portable and flexible in their design and size, circuit protection requirements have changed dramatically. Consequently, circuit protection may entail overcurrent or overvoltage protection, and filtering applications. A proactive approach to the selection of circuit protection components will enable the computer or peripheral manufacturer to meet the necessary safety requirements while providing the consumer the assurance of a reliable, trouble-free computing tool. At the same time, warranty costs due to consumer misuse can be greatly reduced.

PPTC resettable fuses afford manufacturers the option to improve their hardware design and set their equipment apart from that of manufacturers who are not as forward thinking in their designs. Multifuse® products are the answer to the overcurrent circuit protection challenges of today's electronic design engineer.

The protection requirements of all computer applications are very similar when motherboards or back planes need to be protected from faults in devices being "hot plugged" in or faults in the devices themselves. Compliance with industrial standards and agency safety requirements is also similar in most cases.

Multifuse® Resettable Fuses in the MF-R, MF-SM and MF-MSMD configurations provide solutions for all computer and peripheral overcurrent protection requirements.