Bourns First to Develop Simplified One-Page Documentation Series on Port Interface Circuit Protection

Riverside, Calif., June 15, 2010 - Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, today announced the introduction of a unique new series of useful design documentation developed to assist designers in selecting the appropriate circuit protection solution for a specific port interface. Bourns® PortNote™ Solutions are a series of one-page documents that provide concise and easily understandable information on relevant compliance standards, Bourns solutions and part numbers, the specific interface schematic and alternative solution references. As the majority of circuit protection products are designed into variations of just a few ports, each Bourns® PortNote™ Solution offers designers a simple starting point for the protection of a particular port.

“Bourns® PortNote™ Solutions are a time-saving design tool that quickly provides an effective circuit protection solution known to work in most typical applications down to the Bourns® part number,” said Dr. Erik Meijer, vice president of circuit protection at Bourns.  “PortNote™ Solutions are not intended to replace detailed application notes or the customized solutions provided by our FAE teams, but rather be a useful resource to streamline the circuit protection selection process for a specific port interface.”  

Accessible on the Bourns website, Bourns currently has 13 PortNote™ Solutions in its documentation library with more in development and planned for release in the near future.  At present, there are four PortNote™ Solutions that cover Ethernet and USB ports for datacom applications; three on HDMI and VHF/UHF coaxial ports for audio/video applications and six show solutions for ISDN, various RJ11 and VDSL ports in telecom designs. In addition, Bourns offers corresponding Design Kits. Each design kit contains enough Bourns® products to build five of the circuits suggested in the PortNote™ Solution. To view the individual Bourns® PortNote™ Solutions or to inquire about the design kits, go to the PortNotes™ Solutions page of the Bourns website Library.

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