Bourns Consolidates North American Automotive Division at New, World-Class Facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan

Riverside, Calif., August 31, 2010 – Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components including automotive sensors, today announced that the company has consolidated its North American Automotive Division sales and technical support into a new facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The new 25,712 square foot facility features state-of-the-art prototype and testing labs as well as engineering, sales and marketing offices supported by 50 employees. To showcase its customer-focused organization, Bourns will host an open house at the new facility on September 9, 2010. At the open house, customers and media representatives will be able to tour the facility including the labs, see Bourns" full line of industry-leading automotive products and meet engineering, administrative and sales team members.

"By consolidating our North American automotive division into one location, Bourns is able to offer our customers enhanced support through improved business efficiencies," said Jeff Pyle, senior vice president of Bourns Automotive Division. "We are excited about the new facility and anticipate adding to the economic growth of the region with the growing demand for Bourns advanced technologies and products."

About Bourns Automotive Products
The Bourns Automotive Division has played a leading role in the design, development and manufacturing of potentiometric sensors since 1949. The company develops and designs an extensive range of customized automotive position, speed and torque sensors. Bourns" research and development work combined with close collaboration with customers helps to ensure products meet the highest standards set for the automotive industry. Using state-of-the-art development software and world-class production methods, Bourns can provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for a large variety of automotive applications.


Bourns — 是電子零組件業界的龍頭製造供應商,公司總部位於美國加州的河邊市,其產品包含:位置與速度傳感器、電路保護解決方案、磁性組件、微電子模組、面板控制器及電阻產品,服務產業涵蓋汽車、工業、消費、通信、非關鍵性的生命支持醫療(低/中風險)、音頻以及其他各種市場。如需了解更多的公司與產品訊息,歡迎上公司網站查詢


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