河邊市, 加州, Jan 15, 2014 - Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, today announced that it has released new product options to its industry-leading line of Model 95 Premium Guitar Potentiometers. Bourns developed this specialty line of potentiometers in response to customer requests for additional taper and resistance value options that help improve the sound quality, reliability and longevity in electric and bass guitars. The four new guitar potentiometer options from Bourns are being released in tandem with the upcoming NAMM Show, January 23-26, 2014 in Anaheim, California.

"Bourns continues to introduce new product options that help our customers get the highest quality out of their guitars and associated professional audio equipment," said Chuck Manzano, Pro Audio Application Engineer at Bourns, Inc. "We have an ongoing commitment to provide a variety of options for both guitar designers (luthiers) and those guitarists who customize their guitars in search of the right tone. We are thrilled to provide our customers with the highly-requested 300 ohm resistance value, which is a long-time standard value used by one of the top U.S. guitar manufacturers."

Bourns' new selection of linear tapers and resistance values allow for a slower gain on volume controls, and enable enhanced adjustability of tone controls. In addition, the superior design qualities of Bourns' long bushing potentiometers mean they are compatible for use in solid body guitars as well as in all types of electric and bass guitars. As with the complete line of Bourns Model 95 Premium Guitar potentiometers, these new options feature conductive polymer elements and multi-finger contact springs for low noise/impedance, long rotational life and dust protection for ease of maintenance, and smooth rotational operation for the discerning guitarist.

The four new configurations for the Bourns® Model 95 premium guitar potentiometer complement the variety of hand crafted parts and options already available:

Part Number Taper Shaft Bushing Resistance Value (kΩ)
95A1D-Z28-EA0/321L Linear Knurled Standard 300
95A1D-Z28-EA0/322L Linear Knurled Standard 500
95Z1D-Z33-EA0/323L Linear Knurled Long 300
95Z1D-Z33-EA0/324L Linear Knurled Long 500

As a pricing reference, part numbers 95A1D-Z28-EA0/321L and 95A1D-Z28-EA0/322L with standard bushing are priced at $8.03. Part numbers 95Z1D-Z33-EA0/323L and 95Z1D-Z33-EA0/324L with long bushing are priced at $12.67. All prices are based on quantities of 1,000. These new options are available through selected Bourns authorized distributors and Pro Audio resellers.


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