POWrFuse™ High-Power Fuses

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Bourns® POWrFuse™ High-Power Fuses are industrial fuse links dedicated for UL 248 and IEC 60269 standards in order to withstand extreme ambient temperature, high-cycling and low-level fault current conditions.

Category Series Data Sheet Photo Dimension (mm) Rated Current Rated Voltage Interrupting Rating Mounting Type Agency Recognition             
Photovoltaic PF-E PF-E photovoltaic_pf-e1photovoltaic_pf-e1b  10 dia. x 38 15-30 A 1000 VDC 20 kA @1000 VDC Ferrule, PCB cul
PF-H (gPV) PF-H photovoltaic_pf-h1photovoltaic_pf-h1b  10 dia. x 38 15-30 A 600 VAC
600 VDC
150 kA @ 600 VAC
50 kA @ 600 VDC
10 kA @ 600 VDC
Ferrule, PCB cultri

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