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RS-485 Port Protection Evaluation Board 4


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Type Date Issued Headline File, Size
Design Note July, 2022 Bourns RS-485 Port Protection Evaluation Boards 6, 7, 8, 9 Design Note PDF, 689.50 KB
White Paper June, 2022 Bourns Battery Pack Protection Overview White Paper PDF, 953.54 KB
Product Guide February, 2022 Bourns Ceramic PTC Heater Products Overview Guide PDF, 214.58 KB
Brochure December, 2021 Battery Management & Protection Product Profile Brochure PDF, 913 KB
White Paper August, 2021 Designing Effective Circuit Protection for RS-485 and RS-422 Applications White Paper PDF, 2.51 MB
New Product Brief July, 2021 Bourns® Fully Integrated IsoMOV™ Hybrid Protector New Product Brief PDF, 671.92 KB
White Paper July, 2021 New Surge Protective Device Solves Circuit Protection Design Issues White Paper PDF, 810.80 KB
White Paper July, 2021 Innovative Hybrid Protective Device Provides Rugged, Reliable Circuit Protection Solution White Paper PDF, 869.90 KB
White Paper July, 2021 Specifying Bourns Surge Protection Components for UL/IEC62368-1 Compliance White Paper PDF, 1.08 MB
White Paper July, 2021 A New Universal AC Power Protection Approach White Paper PDF, 1.47 MB
Application Note July, 2021 Designing Effective Surge Protection for AC and DC Powered Systems Application Note PDF, 1.46 MB
Design Note July, 2021 Where to Use Bourns  GMOV™ or IsoMOV™ Overvoltage Protectors in a 480 Vac 3-Phase Delta or Wye Configuration AC System Design Note PDF, 1.13 MB
White Paper May, 2021 The Effect of Surge Testing Live Online for Surge Protective Devices PDF, 1.9 MB
Brochure December, 2020 Bourns Varistor Components Brochure PDF, 2.46 MB
White Paper October, 2020 Bourns® Automotive Grade Fuses Provide Overcurrent Protection in Harsh Environment Applications PDF, 729 KB
White Paper September, 2020 Bourns® Tips on Selecting the Right MOV Surge Suppressor White Paper PDF, 1.7 MB
Product Guide April, 2020 Bourns® MOV, MLV and Hybrid Component Product Guide PDF, 1.9 MB
White Paper February, 2020 Bourns Battery Pack Protection Overview White Paper PDF, 1.9 MB
Application Note June, 2019 Fast Charging Overtemperature Protection for Smartphones Application Note PDF, 631 KB
White Paper March, 2019 A Simple High-Speed All-in-One Solution for RS-485 Protection White Paper PDF, 560 KB
White Paper December, 2018 How to Protect Mobile Devices from USB Kill Threats White Paper PDF, 794 KB
Design Note November, 2018 Bourns® RS-485 Port Protection Evaluation Board 4 PDF, 652 KB
Brochure May, 2018 Bourns® Mini-Breakers - Miniature Thermal Cutoff Devices (TCOs) Brochure PDF, 3.6 MB
White Paper May, 2018 Keeping Higher Current Lithium-ion Battery Cells Safe with Effective Overtemperature Protection PDF, 604 KB
White Paper
May, 2017 Designing Effective Overtemperature Lithium Polymer Battery Cell Protection for Notebook PCs with Bourns® Mini-Breakers White Paper PDF, 894 K
White Paper
May, 2017 New Battery Protection for Portable Electronics that Cuts Manufacturing Steps and Costs White Paper PDF, 577 K
Application Note
April, 2017 Bourns® Mini-Breakers - Overcoming Circuit Protection Challenges in Lithium Battery Cell Operated Electronics Application Note PDF, 620 K
Application Brief March, 2017 Big Data/Video Surveillance Network Storage - Edge Storage Requires Robust Protection Application Brief PDF, 99 K
Application Brief March, 2017 Home & Building Automation - Protecting the 2-Wire Differential Interface in Security Systems Application Brief PDF, 186 K
PortNote® Solution March, 2017 RF Port - Broadband Equipment Protection PortNote PDF, 238 K
White Paper January, 2017 Implementing Overtemperature and Overcurrent Protection Matching Today’s Higher Current Capacity Lithium-Ion Batteries White Paper PDF, 241 K
Quick Reference Guide October, 2016 Bourns® Semiconductor Quick Reference Guide PDF, 161 K
Quick Reference Guide October, 2016 Bourns® Thyristor Surge Protector Quick Reference Guide PDF, 132 K
Short Form Brochure October, 2016 Bourns® Power Supply Component Guide Short Form Brochure PDF, 3.6 MB
May, 2016 Exposed Power over Ethernet (PoE) Circuit Conditioning Tel-Note and Design Kit PDF, 201 K
Tel-Note Solution April, 2016 Bourns® Circuit Conditioning Short Form Brochure PDF, 765 K




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