NexGenHVEC Project

kv_partsAdvanced materials, technologies and prototypes for the development of cost effective hybrid varistor electronics components with improved thermal stability

Advantage area and sub-area: Mobility – Systems and components for safety and comfort: Active-passive structural components

Project co-founding: 1.682.494,00 €

  1. BOURNS družba za proizvodnjo in razvoj elektronskih komponent, d.o.o., Žužemberk
  2. ELGOLINE proizvodno podjetje d.o.o.
  3. IRNAS – inštitut za razvoj naprednih aplikativnih sistemov, d.o.o.
The main aim of the NexGenHVEC project is to establish and improve collaboration between the industry sector and research organisations and hence help with the development of cost-effective, sustainable high-tech solutions in the S4 area (mobility, systems and components for safety and comfort).

The research goal of the project is to improve the thermal stability, price point and environmental impact of hybrid electronic systems and components (primarily composed of varistors and capacitors), that act as a safety block of the electronics systems in the automotive industry.

The project focuses on the development of advanced materials for electronic components and exceeding current state of the art by utilising nanotechnology, nanostructured materials and latest advanced manufacturing practices. The aim is the development of the electronics prototype system that will allow reliable operation under high-temperature load of 160 °C to 185 °C. Additionally, methods for the systematic improvement of the development procedure and cost will be examined and developed. We intend to utilise developed prediction models and machine learning algorithms for forecasting varistor chemical formula and its characteristics. That will be one of the main achievements of the project, as it will allow for up to five times faster development process of varistors.

The investment is co-funded by the Republic of Slovenia and European Union, European Regional Development Fund in the total amount of 1.682.494,00 €.