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Circuit Protection
ChipGuard® ESD Suppressors
ChipGuard® ESD Suppressors - AEC-Q200 Qualified for Automotive Applications
Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Surge Arrestors
Hybrid Protectors - MSP®
LED Shunt Protectors (LSPs)
Line Protection Modules
Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV)
Resettable Fuses - Ceramic PTC
Resettable Fuses - Multifuse® PPTC
Power TVS Products
SinglFuse™ Thin Film Chip Fuses
Telefuse™ Telecom Protectors
Thyristor Surge Protectors
TBU® High-Speed Protectors (HSPs)
TCS™ High-Speed Protectors (HSPs)
TVS Diodes
TVS Diode Arrays
CO & Outside Plant Products
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Circuit Protection

Bourns delivers the most comprehensive line of circuit protection technology and solutions in the industry. At our engineering centers in Riverside, California and Linkou, Taiwan we design a full range of overvoltage and overcurrent protection technologies including:

Bourns offers world-class technology and applications expertise that is the result of many years of circuit protection engineering, design and support. Bourns' global reputation for extensive application knowledge, quality products, innovative protection strategies and a wide range of technologies ensures we can provide the right circuit protection solution for your needs. With the recent acquisition of Fultec Semiconductor's breakthrough TBU® technology, Bourns can now offer the first and newest revolutionary circuit protection technology in a decade enabling surge protection for sensitive electronic systems.

Bourns offers a Design Kit for this product family.

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