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Magnetic Products

Magnetics Parametric Search

Bourns provides a broad array of magnetic components and solutions to meet a variety of application needs. Bourns® magnetic component product portfolio includes chokes, filters, inductors, transformers and J.W. Miller® Magnetics. Bourns continues to be a leading supplier of small high current power inductors that feature higher currents and lower DCR's, and common mode chokes that offer improved core materials for enhanced efficiency.

Bourns® magnetic products are an optimal solution for applications in the following markets: computer, communication, instrumentation, industrial and medical.

With the acquisition of J.W. Miller® Magnetics Division of Bell Industries, Inc., Bourns customers are now supported with a complete line of high-quality coils, chokes, inductors and transformers in both surface mount and through-hole. Our world-class technology and applications expertise is the result of years of magnetic component engineering, design and support. Bourns' global reputation for quality products, extensive magnetic knowledge and range of technologies ensures the right solution for your needs.

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