Multifuse® Polymer PTC Resettable Fuses

Resettable Fuses - Multifuse® PPTC

A broad range of circuit safeguard applications rely on the overcurrent protection provided by Bourns® Multifuse® Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) Resettable Fuses. The newest 125 °C polymer PTC devices are particularly developed to give robust and cost-effective protection and reduce short circuits, especially in a range of demanding settings with high voltage temperatures. These components remove the need for any temperature-based nuisance tripping across all such applications, while offering increased, high resistance protection in space-saving surface mount packages.

You can rely on Bourns® resettable polymer PTC thermistors for increased resistance of circuit protection and flexibility with its compact SMD devices that provide more freedom than similar radial leaded devices for designers working in space-constrained layouts. A wider selection of applications include: automobile circuitry protection, overcurrent surge protection of high reliability electronic equipment, robust resettable fault protection for industrial transportation, communication, security, and consumer electronic equipment.

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Surface Mount (SMD) Low Ohmic Series

Surface Mount (SMD) High Temperature Series

Surface Mount (SMD) Standard Series

Radial Leaded, Through Holes Series

Axial Leaded (Strap) Series

Customized and DC Motor Series

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