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Bourns® Power Supply Component Guide Brochure

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​Surface Mount Power Inductors & Common Mode Chokes

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Inductive Components Cross Reference Guide

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New in Magnetic Products

Type Date Issued Headline File, Size
Brochure April, 2022 Bourns® Magnetic Components Brochure PDF, 3.60 MB
Brochure March, 2022 Bourns® Kaschke Components - Custom Magnetics Brochure PDF, 1.60 MB
Brochure March, 2022 Surface Mount Power Inductors & Common Mode Chokes Short Form Brochure PDF, 12.42 MB
Brochure November, 2020 Bourns® Power Conversion Components - Custom Magnetics Brochure PDF, 2 MB
Application Note February, 2022 Bourns Matching 1500 V Battery Energy Storage Requirements with Magnetic Components PDF, 750.46 KB
Brochure December, 2021 Battery Management & Protection Product Profile Brochure PDF, 913 KB
Visual Inspection Guide November, 2021 Bourns® Model SRP-CA/FA Series Visual Inspection Guide PDF, 405.71 KB
White Paper November, 2021 How Litz Wire Maximizes Offline Multi-Output Flyback Transformer Efficiency for Battery Charger Applications White Paper PDF, 801.77 KB
White Paper April, 2021 The Basics of Conducted Emissions Testing for Switch-Mode Power Supply Designs White Paper PDF, 2.8 MB
Application Note February, 2021 Bourns HCT Transformer for 12V Applications Applications Note PDF, 2.21 MB
Application Note July, 2020 How to Select the Right Reinforced Transformer for High Voltage Energy Storage Applications Note PDF, 902 KB
Design Note September, 2019 Selecting the Right Power Inductor for DC-DC Converters Design Note PDF, 998 KB
White Paper September, 2019 The Development of New Amorphous Cores for High Frequency Power Applications White Paper PDF, 1.20 MB
White Paper August, 2019 Bourns Advanced Network Transformer White Paper PDF, 2.23 MB
Brochure December, 2018 Bourns High Frequency Magnetics Brochure PDF, 652 KB
Application Note October, 2018 Design Considerations to Optimize and Expedite Custom Magnetic Prototypes Application Note PDF, 708 KB
Application Note October, 2018 Selecting BMS Transformers for Isolated Communications in High Voltage Energy Storage Application Note PDF, 612 KB
Application Note April, 2018 Bourns® Component Solutions to Help Meet Automotive CO2 Emissions Reduction Application Note PDF, 973 KB
White Paper August, 2017 Achieving Higher Efficiency Using Planar Flyback Transformers for High Voltage AC-DC Converters White Paper PDF, 818 KB
Application Brief
May, 2017 Energy - Improving the Efficiency of External Power Supplies (EPS) Application Brief PDF, 286 K
Short Form Brochure October, 2016 Bourns® Power Supply Component Guide Short Form Brochure PDF, 3.6 MB
White Paper September, 2016 Bourns® Transformers for Offline Flyback Converters White Paper PDF, 305.75 K




​Application Notes


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